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Welcome to Creative Travel Inc. Territory!

Creative Travel Inc.Territory features only the regions in which we have expertise. These include Boston and the New England states, the Mid-Atlantic including New York, Philadelphia and Washington, the Southern States from North Carolina to Florida, Gulf Coast, National Parks, RT 66, Coastal California & Eastern Canada including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec.

Product is available from all major airline gateways within Creative Travel Inc. Territory.


The Creative Travel ‘s Portfolio

-Pre planned Fly Drive Tours throughout Creative Travel Inc. Territory with Documentation in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish (other languages on request)

-Flexi Fly/Drive Tours allow passengers to add or delete nights from published itineraries

-Signature Pre-Planned Fly Drive Tours created specially for your brochure with exclusivity  guaranteed

-Custom Fly Drive Tours offering the ultimate in flexibility using the complete range of Creative Travel’s Fly Drive Hotels, FIT Hotels, Country Inns and Resort proper- ties

-Pre planned Rail Tours with option to customize according to clients needs

-FIT Hotels offering unparalleled choice throughout Creative Travel Inc. Territory

-Expanded Country Inns & Resorts Program including our Country Inns Fly Drive Tour


Custom Groups

Creative Travel Inc. is pleased to quote on any itinerary within our territory and to suggest itineraries, quote on ad-hoc groups, tour series, city packages, pre and/or post convention tours and special interest programs.

Creative Travel Inc. extensive buying power secures the best value rates and our local knowledge, network of contacts and professional Tour Directors (language of your choice) offers complete customer satisfaction.

Documentation and Marketing Support

Preplanned Fly Drive and Flexy/Fly Drive tours include a comprehensive Documentation Binder. Often referred to as “the best in the business,” our documentation binder contains hotel vouchers, driving directions, maps, brochures, general information and extensive sightseeing sections. All Documentation Binders are available in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish. Customized Fly Drive Documentation Binders are available. Service fees apply and Customized Binders are non-cancelable. Each binder is tailor-made for each specific booking.

Rail passengers receive upon arrival, Creative Travel’s comprehensive City Pack information in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian or Spanish. The package also includes hotel and service vouchers and rail ticket instructions.


Training & Fam Tours

As part of our continuing support to our clients our Sales Team is available to conduct in-house product and destination training to your reservations, operations, and sales staff. This service is available to clients featuring multiple Creative Travel Inc products in their brochures and dates/timings must be mutually  agreed.

Creative Travel Inc believes in the value of destination Fam Tours for your staff and will assist in negotiating complimentary (where possible) or low cost ground arrangements. Creative Travel Inc. staff are also available to conduct training seminars and arrange site/ hotel visits.

Creative Travel Inc. itineraries feature the best routings, the most convenient stops and comprehensive passenger documentation. Itineraries are accessible through  a multitude of gateways (see Fly Drive Gateway Guide).


Quality Levels & Accommodations

Accommodations are offered on two quality levels: Standard and Select. “Standard” indicates good caliber, moderate accommodations with several facilities, possibly dining room and usually a swimming pool. “Select” indicates a more superior accommodation, with extended facilities including a dining room and usually a swimming pool.

“Inns” refers to a selection of properties which reflect the character of a region and its people. These properties feature a wide range of facilities and are of varying quality levels.

The hotels used for Fly Drive Tours will be shown on the itinerary pages of our final tariff. Creative Travel Inc reserves the right  to offer alternative hotels as needed; these will be confirmed at the time of  booking.

Creative Travel Inc. contracts rooms on a “run of house” basis unless specified otherwise. Our contracted properties feature a wide range of bedding from rooms with two double beds and/or one queen size bed to rooms with one king size bed. We often receive requests for particular bedding and/or special room types. Creative Travel Inc. and the properties will try our best to accommodate these. However, they cannot be guaranteed. If handicapped equipped rooms are essential, these are subject to confirmation by Creative Travel Inc. In some cases triple rooms may consist of one queen bed and a rollaway bed, in some cases two double beds. Additional bedding can be requested subject to individual hotel availability. There is usually a nightly charge payable directly to the hotel. Any special requests are subject to hotel availability and cannot be guaran- teed. Inn Level properties typically offer rooms with one bed, are limited to two passengers per room and no discount for children is extended.


Rates & inclusions

All rates quoted are net per person per package in US Dollars and include accommodation, tax and a Creative Travel Inc Fly Drive Guide Book, maps, discount shopping and sightseeing coupons. Up to two children under 12 stay free when sharing same room and bedding with two adults

– This only applies for Standard and Select Programs – Not Inn Programs. Overnight parking charges are not included.


Fly Drive Tour Specifics

Booking Information


We also offer live internet reservation service, the CTORS (Creative Travel Online Reservation System) to qualified tour operators. To receive a password, contact Oscar Perez (


Flexi Fly Drive Tours

Creative Travel’s Flexi Fly Drive system allows passengers to add or delete nights from pre-planned Fly Drive tours and still receive our full documentation package. Passengers may add or delete as many nights as they wish, subject to availability, as long as the overnight locations and sequence of the published itinerary remain the same.


Custom Fly Drive Tours

Passengers may create their own itineraries from Creative Travel’s FIT Hotel Rates. Custom Fly Drive Tour Guide Books are available. Each binder is tailor-made for each specific routing. Our tailor-made books feature comprehensive sightseeing sections in English, German, or French.

Driving directions are in English. To qualify for a Custom Fly Drive Tour Guide Book, a tour must be a minimum of seven nights duration. Each binder will be charged  per tour, which is nonrefundable. Custom Fly Drive Tours must be booked no less than 30 days prior to arrival.


Signature Fly Drive Tours

For Tour Operators wishing to create their own itineraries and publish them in their brochures, Creative Travel’s staff is at your disposal. Creative Travel Inc is fully prepared to quote on any Fly Drive itinerary not featured in this brochure. Our geographic specialization enables us to respond quickly and with competitive rates.

Signature Fly Drive Tours are useful for tour operators who wish to present a “niche” and for those who wish to express their own creativity.


Pre and Post Nights

Pre and post nights are available for all tours, using our FIT Hotel rates. When adding post nights, we highly recommend clients include a transfer from the hotel to the airport upon departure



Fly Drive tours include a comprehensive Fly Drive Guidebook that contains hotel vouchers, driving directions, maps, brochures, general information, routings, and extensive sightseeing sections.

Documentation distribution options include:

*Complete documents upon check-in at arrival hotel. (Method#1)

This standard method is included as part of the Fly Drive package.

*Fly Drive Guide Books with hotel vouchers and hotel driving directions sent by courier four weeks prior to arrival. (Method#2)

All documentation sent to you in one pack-et in advance. Creative Travel Inc. will invoice you for this service.


Car Rental

Creative Travel Inc. does not include/offer car rental. Where possible, when the arrival hotel is downtown, we encourage the inclusion of a Creative Travel Inc. Meet & Greet and Transfer upon arrival in a gateway city and arrange for the passengers to pick up their car from a downtown location on the morning of departure from that city.


Pre and Post Tour Nights

Pre and post tour nights are available for all tours. We highly recommend clients include a transfer from the hotel to the airport upon departure.


Meet & Greet & Transfer Services

These are not included in any tour, with the exception of our Independent Rail Tours. We recommend these services be booked prior to arrival. Please see our term and conditions for details. An arrival airport shuttle transfer is included on the Grand New England motorcoach tour. A separate voucher must be issued for this service.



In compliance with Local, State, and Federal laws, and in consideration for fellow passengers, there is no smoking of any kind permitted on coaches or trains.


Motorcoach & Maxivan Specifics

Hotel Details


All Motorcoach passengers receive a comprehensive documentation packet including general information on US travel, the tour itinerary, maps and an evaluation form. These documentation are presented in the specific language of the tour, and are handed out by the Tour Director at the start of the tour.


Creative Travel Inc. Star Ratings

This exclusive Creative Travel Inc. rating system is based on information available at time of printing. Half star ratings are used in some descriptions. Inn properties do not have star ratings.

  • 1 Star

An economy property featuring a basic standard of room and usually offering no facilities.

  •  2 Stars

A moderate property featuring a comfortable standard of room, usually offering limited facilities often including a swimming pool. Meal facilities may not be available on location.

  •  3 Stars

A first class property featuring a comfortable standard of room, usually offering a selection of facilities often including a swimming pool. Meal facilities are usually available on location.

  • 4 Stars

A superior class property featuring a better standard of room, usually offering a good selection of facilities often including a swimming pool. Several types of meal facilities are usually available on site.

  • 5 Stars

A deluxe class property featuring a luxurious standard of room and usually offering a wide selection of facilities often including a swimming pool. Several types of meal facilities are usually available on


Property Type Descriptions

Hotel: two or more floors offering expanded facilities and services including at least  a restaurant serving breakfast and dinner.

Inn: character property ranging from small family-run operations to large traditional properties. Facilities and services vary; modern conveniences such as TV and/or telephone may not be available in rooms. Bedding types may vary. Property may have historic significance.

Lodge: two or more floors offering assorted facilities and services.

Motel: one or more floors offering limited facilities and services, easy access for parking.

Resort: property offering extensive  facilities and services including at least one restaurant serving breakfast and dinner.Often located in a private setting and used for longer periods of stay.

Suburban: within easy drive, by car, taxi or public transportation, of a major city.

Town: close to town center either by walking, taxi or public  transportation.

Location Descriptions

Airport: either within an airport complex or offering a shuttle to the airport.

City/Downtown: close to city center either by walking, taxi or public  transportation.

Countryside: within a rural  surrounding.

Lakeside: beside or close to a lake. Mountainside: on or close to mountains. Oceanside: beside or close to the  ocean.


Motorcoaches, Maxivans Minicoaches

Creative Travel Inc. contracts motorcoach and minicoach companies using the best equipment available. Maxivans and Minicoaches are used on tours where load factors necessitate. Maxivans are air-conditioned with picture windows. They have 15 seats, but we operate with a maximum of eight passengers.


Rail Tour Specifics


Upon arrival, passengers receive Creative Travel’s comprehensive City Pack in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian or Spanish. The package will also include hotel and service vouchers and rail information.


Rail Tickets

Creative Travel Inc. purchases rail tickets for only“unreserved trains,” valid for days of travel only. Seats are available on a first- come, first served basis. Tickets are subject to 100% cancellation fee once confirmed by Creative Travel Inc. See individual price panels.



Bookings may also be made through our live web reservation service.  To  receive a password and log in, please apply to


Alternate Hotels & Substitutions

To ensure maximum efficiency, Creative Travel’s policy is that when a requested property is not available, we will, whenever possible, respond with an alternate property within a certain radius of the request. This property may be less or more expensive than the originally requested property. Tour operators are given 48 hours to cancel or accept this alternative, If no notification is received from the tour operator, Creative Travel Inc. will assume this indicates acceptance of the  substitution.


Non-Listed Hotels

Creative Travel’s specialist nature affords us the opportunity to quote on and make reservations at properties not listed in this tariff. Please do not hesitate to request specific properties or geographical areas not listed. As a wholesaler, it is important to us that you receive rates which work for you. Where we may receive rates that are not competitive with the published rack rates, we will let you know and will charge you accordingly for the administration of the booking. Prepayment may be required and special cancellation charges may be applicable.

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