Weekly News and Information Updates Coming Soon!

Dear Colleagues:

Beginning next week we are excited to start releasing News and Information updates at the end of each week.  These updates will be sent out by email and also immediately posted to the News and Updates section of our website.  The information that will be included each week will be varied and include topics such as:


  • New properties, services, and attractions that we have begun offering for sale
  • Information about products already in our system to highlight their selling advantages
  • Regional information about different areas we promote
  • Helpful hints about using our system and its capabilities


Please feel free to share the updates within your organization as we will not include any confidential information, and want to use this as a platform to keep everyone informed and educated about our products and services.  We welcome feedback about additional information to include that would be beneficial.


Some great news to share at this time is that we are now able to generate hotel pricing sheets directly from our system for all of our hotels.  If you require hotel pricing sheets for any properties or areas, let us know and we can send you the files right back.  We are also currently programming the system to allow you to generate your own pricing sheets directly once logged in. 



Oscar Perez



For reservations please login and access our system directly at reservations.creativetravelna.com or contact a reservations agent by email at reservations@creativetravelna.com

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