Traveling by rail is an exciting and refreshing way of experiencing some of America’s most popular destinations. Fast and convenient Amtrak services take you from city center to city center and you can forget the queues at the airport, negotiating the traffic on busy highways and city car parking fees!

Enjoy meeting fellow travelers, watch breathtaking landscapes unfold or simply stretch your legs, enjoy the comfort of your seat and arrive refreshed and ready to go at your next destination.

Northeast Regional trains between Boston and Washington offer comfortable seating with a minimum of 39″ of legroom, electrical outlets for your laptop computer, complimentary Wi-Fi® and extra storage space for your luggage. Café Cars offer appetizing sandwiches, salads, snacks and hot and cold beverages, including a variety of wine, beer and soda.

When riding through the West aboard Amtrak, you’ll understand why optimism and opportunity are so much a part of the American spirit. From the Great Plains to the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific coastline, you’ll have a ringside seat to some of the most spectacular sights this country has to offer.

Traveling daily between Chicago and the Pacific Northwest along major portions of the Lewis and Clark trail, the mighty Empire Builder takes you on an exciting adventure through majestic wilderness, following the footsteps of early pioneers. Along the Pacific coastline the Coast Starlight train is widely regarded as one of the most spectacular of all train routes. It links the greatest cities on the West Coast while traveling a scenic route that is unsurpassed with long stretches of Pacific Ocean shoreline providing a stunning backdrop for your journey.

These legendary trains feature bi-level Superliner coaches and sleeping cars, along with exclusive amenities. The Dining Car offers fresh cuisine served on real china and table linens. Coach passengers enjoy big, comfortable seats, plenty of legroom, available at-seat meal service and on overnight journeys for a small fee, a Passenger Comfort Kit that includes an inflatable pillow, earplugs, blanket, and eye shade. Bedrooms and Roomettes can be pre-booked for supplementary cost and this includes complimentary meals in the Dining Car. The Roomette is ideal for one or two passengers, with two comfortable reclining seats on either side of a big picture window. At night, the seats convert to a comfortable bed and an upper berth folds down from above.

Whatever your choice, “Welcome Aboard” and enjoy a stress free journey with Creative Travel and Amtrak through some of the greatest highlights that America has to offer.

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